Using Pinch and Zoom in Photos on Mac

Quickly and Easily Navigate Views Using the Trackpad in the Photos App

Photos Icon

A few weeks back I showed you how to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the Photos app.

Today, we’ll look at using the Trackpad to navigate back in time to see all of your photos; and then how to zero in on a single image the same way.

  1. With Photos open, click the “Photos” category on the side bar or use Command+1.
  2. Double-click on any photo so that it is the only one in the main window.
  3. Now, using the Trackpad, pinch two fingers together—you are now in “Moments”
  4. Pinch again, and you’ll see “Collections”
  5. A third pinch will show you “Years”

To go the opposite way, do a zoom—start with two fingers together on the trackpad and then move them apart.

Note: at any point, you can double-click a photo to see it full size.