Using iCloud Drive on MacOS

How To Work with Files and iCloud Drive on a Mac.

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In an earlier post: Overview of iCloud Drive, I covered what you can do with iCloud Drive, the Apple apps that work with it, and how to enable it.

Today, I’ll dig into managing your files with iCloud Drive.

Files and iCloud Drive

  • You can store any type of file in iCloud Drive
  • The maximum size of any one file is 15GB
  • You can store as many files as you like as long in iCloud Drive as long you don’t exceed your iCloud storage limit.

Where Is the iCloud Drive?

By default, the iCloud Drive is displayed in its own section of the Sidebar of every Finder window. You can also open it directly via a Spotlight search or by activating Siri and saying “Open iCloud Drive.”

When you open iCloud Drive, you’ll see a folders for Desktop and Documents and a folder for every Apple program that you’ve used to save a file (e.g., Numbers, Pages, iMovie, etc.).

How Do I Save Files and Folders to iCloud Drive?

Think of the files and folders in iCloud Drive just like any other location on your Mac.

You can:

  • Save directly into iCloud Drive or any folder in it from any program’s save window
  • Drag and drop files from any other location on your Mac to iCloud Drive
  • Cut and paste files from any other location

NOTE: By default, any Apple application saves to iCloud Drive by default—if iCloud is enabled in System Preferences.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about using iCloud Drive on your iPhone and iPad.

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