Using Faces in the Photos App

Using the Facial Recognition Feature in the Photos App for Mac

Photos Icon

Open the Photos app on your Mac and from the sidebar click Faces. If the sidebar is not visible, click the View menu and choose Show Sidebar (or Command+Option+S).

Suggested Faces

At the bottom of the screen you will see a row of Suggested Faces. Pick one by double clicking it, and then type in the person’s name. If the person is in your contacts, their name will appear in a drop down menu.

Note: If you wish to not identify a person in the Suggested Faces. Right-click (Control+Click) and choose Ignore this face.

Select and Deselect Photos

You will be then shown a group of photos with that person’s face in it. The facial recognition feature is quite good but not perfect. If a photo misidentifies your person, click anywhere on the photo to deselected it. To zoom in on the face, put your mouse pointer in the circle in the photo.

Once you have just the photos you want selected, click Add and Continue. Do this until no other photo of that person can be found. You’ll see that Photos adds similar photos of that personal automatically.

Click Finish Later to take a break. You can resume again by clicking another photo of that person in Suggested Faces.

Next Time

Tomorrow, we’ll look at arranging the Faces grid, and how to make a particular image of a person their key photo in the grid.

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