The iPhone Has a Level!

Using the Level Within the Compass App on iPhone

Compass App Icon

Finding the Level

Perhaps the second hardest thing about the level on your iPhone (knowing it exists was the hardest), is finding it.

The level is located within the Compass app. Locate or search for the Compass app and once you have it active, swipe to the left and you’ll find the Level.

Using the Level

  • Is a surface flat?
    1. Lay the phone on any surface and two white circles will appear.
    2. The closer they are together, the flatter the surface.
    3. A number indicates the number number of degrees of the slope.
    4. When completely flat, the screen turns green.
  • Is the painting level?
    1. Place the phone along its horizontal edge.
    2. A number indicates the number of degrees of inclination.
    3. When the painting is level, the screen turns green.
  • What’s the relative angle?
    1. To see the degrees from one angle to another, align the phone with the first angle.
    2. Then touch the screen.
    3. Slide the phone to align with the second angle.
    4. A red line will appear and show you degrees relative to the other angle.