Syncing Text Replacements Across Devices

How To Enable iCloud Drive To Synchronize Text Replacement Shortcuts.

iCloud Icon

Yesterday, I showed you how to setup Text Replacement on a Mac. Today, I’ll cover how to ensure your Text Replacement shortcuts sync to all your Apple devices using iCloud Drive.

Enable iCloud Drive on a Mac

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click iCloud.
  3. Check the box for iCloud Drive to enable it (if not checked already).
  4. Click Options at the right.
  5. Check the box for System Preferences to enable it (if not checked already).

Enable iCloud Drive on an iOS Device

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Touch iCloud.
  3. Then scroll down and toggle iCloud Drive to ON.

It may take a few minutes for your Text Replacement Shortcuts to sync across your devices.

Tomorrow, we’ll go more in-depth with iCloud Drive.

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