Setting Up a Smart Group in Contacts

Using Smart Groups in Contacts for Mac

Contacts App iPhone

Open the Contacts app and from the File menu choose New Smart Group  (Command+Option+N).

Choose a name for the group. Then choose the key field and term that collects the contacts into the group.

For example:

  • Company: Collect your colleagues into a group
  • Address: Collect your street neighbors into a group
  • Note: Put a keyword into a number of contact notes such as “Babysitter” or “Bookclub.”
  • Other/Zip: Market by ZIP Code by collecting a group by this field.

You can also have multiple queries set. Click on the + button to the right of the key term field and enter a second key field and term. For example, for a membership group that spans multiple states:

  • Note: Put the name of the membership group in the contacts’ note field
  • State: Note the state or states you want in the group

For more information about Smart Groups, use Apple Help by clicking on the “?” at the bottom left of the dialog box.

Smart Groups in Contacts