Restarting an Apple TV

How To Shutdown, Restart, or Force Restart an Apple TV.


Shutting Down

Siri Remote Method (4th Generation)

  1. Hold down the TV  button or icon on the Siri Remote (or the Apple TV Remote App on your iOS device) until “Sleep Now?” appears.
  2. Select Sleep and press the touch surface (or touch on the Siri Remote surface area).

Aluminum or White Remote Method (3rd Generation)

  • Hold down the Menu and Down buttons at the same time until the light on the Apple TV flashes.


Menu Method for 4th Generation Apple TV

  • Go to Settings>System>Restart.

Menu Method for 3rd Generation Apple TV

  • Go to Settings>General>Restart.

Force Restarting

Unlike iOS and MacOS devices, the Apple TV does not have a Menu or Siri Remote method for Force Restarting the device. If your Apple TV is unresponsive and will not Sleep using the Remote Method above, then:

  • Unplug the Apple TV, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.

Note: You should only unplug your Apple TV as a last resort.

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