Organizing Faces in the Photos App

Arrange Your Faces Grid and Make Key Photos

Photos Icon

The Faces Grid

Each person you identify with the Faces feature is added to the Faces Grid. Once you’ve added several faces you can drag them to position their importance. Drag up to see each thumbnail in a larger view. Drag down to see in a smaller view.

You can use the Command key to select and move more than one thumbnail.

Right-click (Control+Click) to see options:

  • Get info
  • Play slideshow
  • Remove 1 (or more) people from Faces

With more than one person selected you can:

  • Combine Faces

Set the Key Photo

To choose the photo of person you want to see in the Faces Grid, double-click on a person and scroll to choose the photo you want. Then right-click (Control+Click) and choose “Make Key Photo.”