Managing Apple Devices via

How to View, Remove, and Report Missing Apple Devices on

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  1. Open Safari on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.
  2. Type in “” in the address bar.
  3. Enter your Apple ID username and password.

Viewing a List of Your Devices

  1. Click or touch the Settings icon or your name in the upper right corner and choose “iCloud Settings.”
  2. Click or touch “My Devices” to see a list of all your Apple Devices that are logged in with your Apple ID.

Managing Your Devices

  • Click or touch any device to see part of its serial number or to remove it (the device will reappear if it connects to the internet)
  • If you’ve lost or sold a device, you can follow a link for specific help details
  • You can also remove any credit cards that use Apple Pay

Next week, I’ll walk you through other settings and features of