Making Calls with FaceTime Audio

Use FaceTime Audio for High-Clarity (and Free) Calls.

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You have probably used FaceTime to video chat with friends and family who also have an iPhone. But did you know you can also use it with audio only for crystal-clear phone calls?

Use Anywhere

FaceTime works on cell networks and wifi, so you are not limited in where you make your calls.

Avoid Data Charges

When you’re out-of-network or in another country, you can use wifi for free Internet calling iPhone to iPhone.

Get Started

Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone, iPad , or iPod Touch and select Audio at the top, then enter a number or search for a contact.

You can also use FaceTime directly from the Phone app. Touch the info button ⌽ next to any contact or number and look for:

FaceTime Line in Contact

Click the phone icon to make a FaceTime Audio call.

More Tips

  • If you have an iPhone, you can use the FaceTime app on your Mac in the same way.
  • You can also have Siri place a FaceTime audio call by saying “Call [name] using FaceTime Audio.”
  • Also see: Handoff, FaceTime, and iPhone Calls

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