Mac Trackpad Tips 1/3

Customizing the Trackpad, Part 1: Point & Click

The trackpad is your Mac’s most valuable input device. And it can do so much more with pointing and clicking (and tapping!) than you know. And every option saves time and adds convenience.

So, open System Preferences—click under the “” menu or use Spotlight (Command+spacebar). Under the second row, find Trackpad.

We’ll start with Tap to click: yes, you can push down on the trackpad to click. But tapping is faster, easier, and quieter!

Tap to click

Similarly, Secondary click let you use a two-finger tap to open the context menu—in other words, it’s like a right-click on a mouse and the same as Control+click.

Secondary click

Next, is the very cool Look up & data detectors. Turn it on and then try it on the text below.

Look up & data detectors

  1. Definitions—hover over and tap with fingers on this word: geek
  2. Links—do the same with this url:
  3. Dates—Add an event to your calendar: Saturday, April 9, 2016
  4. Email addresses and phone numbers—Create or add to a contact:

Last, at the bottom of the Trackpad Preferences, you can adjust the Tracking speed of pointer. Experiment!

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the next set of preferences: Scroll & Zoom.

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