iPhone Tip: Snapping Photos

Two More Ways to Snap Photos

Camera App Icon

You already know to press the red button on screen to trigger a snapshot. But there are two more ways that you may come to prefer.

Open the camera app on your phone and try these:

  1. Use either volume button—hold the phone horizontal (landscape) with the buttons on top and press to shoot (hold for burst mode). This is best for steady, well-framed photos. It also orients the lens at the bottom right—and makes it hard to get a finger in the way.
  2. Use Apple headphones—press the + or – button to snap (hold to burst). This is a great way to take photos on the go, for example, when out for a walk. While I recommend two hands on the phone for all photos, with a little practice this method can be a time saver.Bonus tip—handsfree Camera app launch: long-press the headphone’s center button and tell Siri “Open Camera.”