“Hey Siri”—Super Bowl!

How To Use “Hey Siri” To Prep for the Big Game, Provide Player Stats, Answer Sports Trivia, Even Tune in Live on Apple TV.


Say “Hey Siri” and any of the following on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, or hold the microphone button on your Apple TV remote:

Who, Where, What

  • “When is the Super Bowl and who’s playing?”
  • “Where is the Super Bowl being played this year?”
  • “Who is performing at the Super Bowl halftime show?”
  • “What channel is the Super Bowl on?”

Stats and Trivia

  • “What is the Patriots record? What about the Falcons?”
  • “Who had more field goals this season, the Patriots or the Falcons?”
  • “Who has more rushing yards this season, Tom Brady or Matt Ryan?”
  • “What college did Tom Brady play for?”
  • “Who is the coach for the New England Patriots?”
  • “Who won the Super Bowl last year?”

Watch on Apple TV

Hold the microphone button on your Apple TV remote and say “Watch the Super Bowl.”

“Hey Siri” tips appear here every Saturday.

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