“Hey Siri”—Sports!

Siri Can Access a Wide Variety of Sports Information.


Say “Hey Siri” and ask:


  • “Did the Nationals win?”
  • “How did the Orioles do last night?”
  • “What was the score the last time the Nationals played the Mets?”
  • “Show me the baseball scores from last night.”
  • “Who will win the Washington game?”

Game Schedules

  • “When do the Nationals play next?”
  • “When is Washington’s first game of the season?”
  • “What baseball games are on today?”
  • “What channel is the Orioles game on?”
  • “When is Barcelona’s next match?”


  • “Who’s the best team in baseball?”
  • “Did Washington make the playoffs?”
  • “What are the standings in the AFC East?”
  • “Get me the college football rankings”
  • “What are the standings in the Champions League?”

Player Information

  • “Who has the highest slugging percentage.”
  • “Who has the most home runs on the Nationals?”
  • “What player scored the most goals in La Liga?”
  • “Which quarterback has the most passing yards?”
  • “Who is the starting pitcher for the Nationals today?”
  • “Who is the starting quarterback for the Ravens?”
  • “What is the starting lineup for the Washington Capitals?”

Team Information

  • “Show me the roster for the Nationals.”
  • “Who is pitching for Baltimore this season?”
  • “Is anyone on the Mets injured?”
  • “Which team has the fewest penalty minutes?”
  • “Which team has the most stolen bases in the NL East?”

“Hey Siri” tips appear here every Saturday.

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