“Hey Siri”—Remind Me!

How To Use “Hey Siri” To Remind You and Create New Reminder Lists.


You can use “Hey Siri” to add reminders with many options and variables. You can also have Siri change reminders, create new reminder lists, and delete reminders.

Guided Reminder Set Up

To have Siri walk you through the process, say “Hey Siri” and any of the following…

  • “Add a reminder.”
  • “New reminder.”
  • “Create a reminder.”
  • “Add a list.”
  • “Create a list.”
  • “New list.”
  • “Delete a reminder.”
  • “Remove a reminder.”

Adding a Reminder…

  • “Remind me to wash the car.”
  • “Remind me to message my girlfriend.”
  • “Remind me to buy milk.”

…And Then Changing It

  • “Remind me about this in one hour.”
  • “Remind me about this tomorrow.”
  • “Remind me about this next Tuesday.”

…With a Specific Time Today

  • “Remind me to wash the car in four hours.”
  • “Remind me to message my sister at 6 p.m.”
  • “Remind me to review meeting notes at 7:30 a.m.”

…With a Specific Day and Time

  • “Remind me on Saturday at 10 a.m. to wash the car
  • “Remind me next Thursday at 8 p.m. to call my mom.”
  • “Remind me in two weeks at 2:30 p.m. to buy milk.”

…With a Repeating Schedule

  • “Remind me to water the plants every five days.”
  • “Remind me to exercise every day.”
  • “Remind me to read for an hour every Sunday evening.”

…To a Specific List

  • “Add milk to the Grocery list
  • “Add book a hotel to the Vacation list.”
  • “Add organize meeting to the Work list.”

…When Leaving or Arriving Somewhere

  • “Remind me to drop off package when I leave home today.”
“Remind me to message my brother when I come home today.”
“Remind me to buy coffee when I get to work today.”
“Remind me to go to the store when I get in the car today.”
  • “Remind me to buy laundry detergent when I arrive at [your supermarket] today.”
  • “Remind me to buy bread next time I’m here.”
  • “Remind me to lock the door next time I’m here.”

Deleting a Reminder

  • “Delete the reminder water the plants.”
  • “Delete the reminder pay rent.”
  • “Delete the reminder read for an hour.”

Creating a New Reminder List

  • “Create a list Grocery.”
  • “Create a list Gifts to Buy.”
  • “Create a list Chores.”

Viewing a Specific List

  • “Show me my Grocery list.”
  • “Show me my Gifts to Buy list.”
  • “Show me my Chores list.”

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  1. Sorry if I’m repeating myself but I wrote a comment and it disappeared. Anyhow, love this feature and using it since it’s inception, but hate that there is always some glitch with every iOS update. The other day I was trying to create an appointment and he (my Siri is a guy) kept asking me the same question over and over and would not create the appointment. Wanted to shoot him ?

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