“Hey Siri”—Play!

How To Use “Hey Siri” To Identify, Play, Buy, and Rate Music and More.


Just say “Hey Siri” and…

Playing & Rating Music

  • “Play Rope by Foo Fighters.”
  • “Play some Blues.”
  • “Play my party mix.”
  • “Shuffle my roadtrip playlist.”
  • “Play the first Rush album.”
  • “Play more from this artist.”
  • “Play the hottest U2 songs.”
  • “Play more like this.”
  • “Play Voodoo Chile after this song.”
  • “Rate this song four stars.”
  • “I love this song.”
  • “Pause.”
  • “Skip.”
  • “Play.” (after pausing)

Playing Radio

  • “Play Radio.”
  • “Play the Rock station.”
  • “Play my Counting Crows station.”
  • “Play more songs like this one.”
  • “Don’t play this song again.”
  • “I like this song.”

Identifying and BuyingMusic

  • “What song is this?”
  • “Who sings this?”
  • “What’s the name of this track?”
  • “What song is playing?”
  • “Buy this song.”
  • “Add this song to my wish list.”

“Hey Siri” tips appear here every Saturday.

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