“Hey Siri”—Pics!

Siri Can Access Many of Your Photos Quickly.

Siri Icon

Say “Hey Siri” and…

  • “Show my photos from yesterday.”
  • “Show me photos with [person’s name] (if labeled in Contacts and Faces).”
  • “Show me photos of my Mom.”
  • “Go to my photos from last night.”
  • “Show me photos from April of 2015.”
  • “Show me my favorite photos.”
  • “Show my videos from the weekend.”
  • “Look up my photos taken in Chicago.”
  • “Find last year’s Hilton Head photos.”
  • “Show me photos from my [name of] album.”
  • “Show me my selfies.”
  • “Show me my panoramic photos.”

“Hey Siri” tips appear here every Saturday.

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