“Hey Siri”—Note This!

How To Use “Hey Siri” To Create, Add, Find, and Share Notes.


Rather than jotting notes on receipts or opening the Notes app and typing, you can just say “Hey Siri,” and any of the following…

Create a Note

  • “Take a note.”
  • “Create a note.”
  • “Start a note.”
  • “Note to self.”
  • “Note I spent eight dollars on business lunch with Tim.”
  • “Note Budget.”
  • “Note Interesting Movies.”

Update a Note

  • “Update my last note.”
  • “Update my note Order Online.”

Add to a Note

  • “Add 20 dollars for food to Budget note.”
  • “Add Kong Skull Island to Interesting Movies note.”
  • “Add Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan to my note Reading List.”

Find a Note

  • “Show me my note Restaurants to Try.”
  • “Find my note Order Online.”
  • “Show me my notes from yesterday.”
  • “Find notes with phone numbers.”
  • “Show me my notes from last week.”
  • “Show me my notes from November.”
  • “Show me my notes from February 14, 2016.”

Share a Note

  • “Share my note Moving Out with Billy.”
  • “Share my note Fish Care with Brody.”

“Hey Siri” tips appear here every Saturday.

To find more tips, say “Hey Siri, what can you do?,” click the Hey Siri tag below, or visit Apple’s Siri page.

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