“Hey Siri”—Movie Time!

How To Use “Hey Siri” To Plan a Movie or Find Film Information.


Just say “Hey Siri,” and ask any of the following…

What’s Playing?

Tip: Combine queries to help you narrow choices.

By Letting Siri Help

  • “Can you recommend a movie?”
  • “What movies do you recommend?”
  • “I want to go out to a movie tonight.”
  • “I want to see a great movie nearby.”
  • “What some R-Rated movies playing nearby?”
  • “What times are some PG-13 movies playing this weekend?”
  • “What’s that new movie starring Denzel Washington?”

By Day and Time

  • “What movies are playing today?”
  • “What movies are playing this evening?”
  • “What movies are playing tomorrow?”
  • “What movies are playing next Friday?”
  • “What movies open next week?”
  • “I want to see a movie in two days.”

By Location

  • “What movies are playing near me?”
  • “What movies are playing by my office?”
  • “What movies are playing by my home?”
  • “What movies are playing in downtown Washington, DC?”
  • “What PG-13 movies are playing in Baltimore?”

By Title

  • “Where is the movie Jackie playing?”
  • “What time is the movie Moonlight playing?”
  • “I want to see the movie Loving tomorrow night.”

By Genre

  • “What comedy movies are playing now?”
  • “What are some highly rated dramas now playing?”
  • “Are there any R-rated sci-fi movies in theaters?”

By Theater

  • “What movies are playing at Bethesda Row Cinema?”
  • “What’s playing at the Smithsonian IMAX theaters?”
  • “What theater’s are playing Hacksaw Ridge?”

By Audience Rating

  • “What highly rated movies are playing?”
  • “What’s a great movie playing near me?”
  • “How are the ratings for Hidden Figures?”
  • “Best comedy movies now playing?”

By Plot Synopsis

  • “What is the movie Fences about?”
  • “Tell me about the movie La La Land.”
  • “What’s the plot of Get Out?”

By Running Time

  • “How long is the movie Moonlight?”
  • “What is the running time of the movie Elle?”
  • “What is the movie length of The Great Wall?”
  • “Runtime of the movie Jackie?”

View Trailers

  • “Play the trailer for Fences.”
  • “Show me the trailer for La La Land.”
  • “Play the trailer for The Men Who Stare at Goats.”

Buying Tickets
(Requires the Fandango App with an account and stored credit card.)

  • “Two tickets to see Manchester by the Sea.”
  • “Buy three tickets to see Rogue One tonight in Arlington.”
  • “Buy four tickets to see Arrival tomorrow in Rockville.”

Movie Info

(These also work with Siri on Apple TV)

  • “Show me comedy movies.”
  • “Show me movies from Pixar.”
  • “Show me 3-D movies.”
  • “When was The Insider released?”
  • “What’s that movie with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal?”
  • “G-rated movies starring Kevin Spacey?”


  • “Who starred in Manchester by the Sea?”
  • “Who acted in Moonlight?”
  • “Show me movies starring Amy Adams.”
  • “Movies with Brad Pitt”


  • “Movies directed by Christopher Nolan.”
  • “Show me a list of Steven Spielberg movies.”
  • “Who directed Moonlight?”
  • “3-D movies directed by Robert Zemeckis.”


  • “Best family movies?”
  • “Best comedy movies?”
  • “Best thriller movies?”


  • “Which movie won Best Picture in 2000?”
  • “Movies that won Best Actor.”
  • “Who won Best Director in 2003?”
  • “Who won Best Actress in 2016?”

Easter Eggs
(See what happens when you ask…)

  • “What is Star Wars about?” (Pick 1977)
  • “What is Inception about?”
  • “What is The Matrix about?”
  • “Open the pod bay doors.”
  • “Hey Computer.”

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