“Hey Siri”—Meetings!

How To Use “Hey Siri” to Schedule and Manage Meetings.


You can use “Hey Siri” to set up and change meetings.

Guided Meeting Set Up

To have Siri walk you through the process, say “Hey Siri” and any of the following…

  • “Add a meeting.”
  • “Add an event.”
  • “Create a meeting.”
  • “Create an event.”
  • “New meeting.”
  • “New event.”

Schedule a Onetime Meeting

  • “Schedule an event party in Paris Wednesday at 10 PM.”
  • “Schedule an event soccer match tomorrow at 8 PM.”
  • “Schedule an event tennis in two weeks at 2:30 PM.”
  • “Schedule a meeting at 10 PM Wednesday for 15 minutes.”
  • “Schedule a meeting at 1 PM tomorrow for two hours.”
  • “Schedule a meeting at 4:30 PM in two weeks for two-and-a-half hours.”

Set Up a Recurring Meeting

  • “Create a recurring event every Monday at 9 AM called team meeting.”
  • “Create a recurring event every Thursday at 6 PM called date night.”
  • “Create a recurring event every Saturday at 3:30 PM called soccer.”

Schedule a Meeting with Someone Else

  • “Set up a meeting with Anne for tomorrow at 9 AM.”
  • “Set up a meeting with Dale for today at 3 PM.”
  • “Set up a meeting with Laurie for next Thursday at 6:30 PM.”
  • “Set up a meeting with Campbell for tomorrow at Bethesda Café.”
  • “Set up a meeting with Amy for next Thursday at Landy’s Coffee.”

Hear Your Schedule

  • “Read calendar.”
  • “Show me my next appointment.”
  • “Where is my next meeting?”
  • “Show me the appointments for this afternoon.”
  • “Show me the appointments for tomorrow in the morning.”
  • “Show me the appointments for next week.”
  • “What does my calendar look like on Monday?”

Recall a Previously Scheduled Meeting

  • “When am I meeting with Kelsey Jones?”
  • “When is my next soccer event?”

Cancel a Meeting

  • “Cancel my party in Paris event for tomorrow”
  • “Cancel my tennis match event for today.”
  • “Cancel my golf event for next Thursday.”
  • “Cancel my meeting with Kelsey Jones.”

Move a Meeting

  • “Move my Monday meeting with Amy to 3 PM.”
  • “Move my Tuesday meeting with Steve to 5 PM.”
  • “Move my Thursday meeting with Duncan to 2:30 PM.”

Change an Appointment

  • “Change this appointment to Monday.”
  • “Change this appointment to next Friday.”
  • “Change this appointment to August 22.”

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