“Hey Siri”—Are We There, Yet?

How To Use “Hey Siri” To Get Map, Traffic, and Navigation Information.


When on the go, traveling near or far, or just curious about a possible destination, say “Hey Siri,” and any of the following…


  • “Open Maps.”
  • “Show me a map of Cleveland.”
  • “Map of Florida.”
  • “Show map of Madrid, Spain.”
  • “Where am I?”
  • “Show me the nearest restaurant on the map.”
  • “Show me the nearest hospital on the map.”
  • “Show me the nearest hotel on the map.”

Navigations & Directions

  • “Are we there yet?”
  • “What’s my ETA?”
  • “Show me directions to New York by car.”
  • “Directions to work.”
  • “Take me home.”
  • “Navigate to home.”
  • “How do I get to the corner of 30th and Lincoln?”
  • “Navigate to Rock Creek Park by foot.”
  • “Directions to the African American Museum by transit.”
  • “Navigate to Mom’s by car.”
  • “Directions to my girlfriend’s home by foot.”
  • “Navigate to Baltimore by public transport.”
  • “Give me public transit directions to the Guggenheim Museum.”
  • “Stop navigation.”


  • “Is there traffic on the way to Steve’s?”
  • “What is the traffic like on the way home?”
  • “Show me the traffic.”
  • “Show me the traffic in Bethesda.”
  • “What’s the traffic like in Manhattan.”

Travel Time

  • “How long would it take to drive home?”
  • “How long would it take to drive to West Palm Beach?”
  • “How long would it take to drive to Laurie’s?”

Travel Distance

  • “How far is Rockville from Cleveland?”
  • “How much farther to Hilton Head?”
  • “How far is Bethesda from Columbia?”
  • “Distance between here and New York?”
  • “How far is California from here?”
  • “How far is the Moon?”


  • “What are some attractions around here?”
  • “I’m running low on gas.”
  • “I’m hungry.”
  • “What’s the best restaurant in Washington, DC?”
  • “Where’s a good inexpensive place to eat around here?”
  • “Find a happy hour nearby.”
  • “Where’s a good hair salon?”
  • “Find me a place to eat where I can sit outside.”
  • “I need some aspirin.”
  • “I want to go to the library.”
  • “I need some coffee.”
  • “Where is the Washington Monument?”
  • “Where is Nationals Stadium?”
  • “How far away is Boston?”

Other Information

  • “What is my elevation?”
  • “What is my altitude?”

“Hey Siri” tips appear here every Saturday.

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