Do Not Disturb Settings on Mac

Scheduling and Other Do Not Disturb Options


Yesterday, I showed you how to disable notifications by enabling Do Not Disturb using the trackpad and a few gestures. Today, we’ll look at the Do Not Disturb settings within the Notifications System Preferences.

Start by opening System Preferences and choosing Notifications from the top row.

Scheduling Do Not Disturb

  1. Choose Do Not Disturb from the top of the list of apps available to Notification Center
  2. Under “Turn on Do Not Disturb,” select the hours you wish to disable notifications.
  3. Then select other options as you would like.

Phone Calls and Do Not Disturb

In the next section, you can choose how you would like phone calls to be handled with Do Not Disturb on. Note: you will need to have your iPhone and Mac setup with Handoff to use these options.

I’ll cover Handoff in posting next week. Stay tuned.