Contacts Preferences on Mac

Adjusting Preferences in the Contacts App

Contacts App iPhone

Open the Contacts app and then click the menu Contacts/Preferences (or Command+,).


I recommend using these settings. If you need more info, click the “?” at bottom right.



Next, the Template tab allows you to set the default fields for new contacts, here’s mine:


Depending on your primary use of Contacts—personal, for work, both—you may choose other configurations.

Use the Add Field option at top to add new data fields. For a full walkthrough on adding fields (including on iPhone/iPad), visit yesterday’s post.


The Accounts tab allows you to add contacts from other databases such as:

  • iCloud
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • AOL
  • Yahoo!
  • Exchange
  • Other

I’d recommend using a single source for your contacts (iCloud recommended to start) because adding additional databases often results in duplicate contacts. Depending on how you’d like to manage your contacts, this may be fine with you. There is a Merge option within Contacts. I will cover this topic in-depth in a future post.



In the General tab, you have the basic display options. These are straightforward. Your preferences may vary from mine: